Space Design and Furniture

Today the architectural firms require more frequently someone to support them in developing renderings and virtual tours, because obviously need a comprehensive project to sell their ideas, we are fortunate to collaborate with architects in particular and with different offices as YB Architects, Santiago Group, Blue Architects, Comercializadora Denco, Minerallessenz, and  own projects. 

Commercial Spaces

One of the branches of Ephemeral Architecture is precisely the commercial spaces, in this section we present the spaces that are intended to clothing brands within an anchor store, called corners and furniture design; in many cases the same brands already have their furniture and other design these offices.


Brands such as Pepe Jeans, Antoni Morato, Area Code, Bebe, Biography, Callaway, Lee Cooper, LPC, Nautica, Oscar de la Renta, Paul Rizk, Salsa, Sweet Year, Tapaout, US Polo, Voltaic, Andy Warhol are located in the important store, Liverpool and Sears; some of these cornes only other design proposals are currently with their brand image were made.


Other space Commercial is the proposed renovations of  bus Terminal ADO a one of the main National land  lines, locate local commercial and leisure to give the user a better wait for their various destinations as Playa del Carmen is a tourist place .

Office Space

Remodeling offices and spaces is a challenge, one of the major and most important issues is, what the company or space is dedicated to Reshape? as more current example we remodeling offices Ocesa all know is a company that is dedicated to promoting shows; if you say you Ocesa comes to mind music, lights, colors, actors, spaces, scenery, so I think we have accomplished the task; make each of these spaces devoted to different things but one at a time; It will be designed according to their theme and their needs.

    So not only achieved we give visual life, give a better and more pleasant stay to the user because it has more spacious, cleaner and furniture according to your needs views.

You will meet different projects such as Ticketmaster, Intellego, Heliplaza, Sports Palace, Santa Fe.

Espacios Habitacionales

Los espacios Habitacionales requieren de diferentes áreas para que se tenga una adecuada integración del mismo, se sabe que los integrantes tienen diferentes necesidades y actividades, por lo que se cuida la orientación, los vientos dominantes, la vegetación y por supuesto el lugar donde se ubicara el proyecto nuevo o en su caso la remodelación. Se personaliza cada espacio teniendo en cuenta la actividad, edad y gustos del usuario; añadiendo texturas, muebles, color e iluminación que hacen de sus actividades sean mas placenteras.

Diseño de Muebles